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Designed for the most demanding cafes and restaurants the New Iberital espresso machines is as robust and precise as it is sophisticated and versatile. Every one of its curves exudes style and attention to detail.

The digital display on the New Iberital features a readout of the temperature in the steam boiler, shot timers and many other functions. New Iberital espresso machines come equipped with the largest boilers available, 14L for the 2 group, and a huge 20L for the 3 group, these allow maximum production capacity – this machine will never let you down!


The New Iberital offers the convenience of lever action steam valves and all Iberital espresso machines feature easily removable body panels for improved access to the internals to simplify maintenance.

Iberital 2 GRP Espresso Machine

  • All our espresso machines and grinders come with a 12 month back to base repair warranty.

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