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The incredibly stylish and innovative Niche Zero retention coffee grinder is the perfect one-stop solution for a variety of brewed coffee methods and setups. From your home espresso machine all the way up to a delicate Filter Brew.


The Niche Zero, like its name, comes from its innovative approach to design allowing you to have complete control over the choice, consistency and quality of a full range of grind selection without wastage.


With a steep-less grind adjustment, it is easy to move from an espresso grind size through to filter grind and back again very easily and more importantly without re-calibration and wastage.


Using a straight-through grind path, your weighed coffee beans are ground into the Niche dosing cup with no loss of coffee weight. This means no more build-up of stale and rancid coffee allowing you to enjoy the true flavour of your coffee beans.


The Niche Zero due to optimum burr speeds is exceptionally quiet (72db at 1m) and has an extremely small compact footprint for such a powerful grinder.


  • Stylish minimal looks.
  • Large 63mm conical burrs.
  • Virtually Zero grind retention.
  • Carefully weighed beans added only when needed.
  • Straight through grind path, no residue or stale grind build-up.
  • Always the right quantity of freshly ground coffee delivered.
  • Niche Grind Cup to transfer ground dose into portafilter.
  • No wastage of valuable premium speciality coffee’s.
  • Quiet (72db at 1m) due to optimum burr speed.
  • Compact footprint & optimum weight.
  • Fits neatly under wall cupboards.
  • Premium materials.

Niche Zero Grinder

  • All our espresso machines and grinders come with a 12 month back to base repair warranty.

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